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How many of us, after a holiday, went in search of a program with which to create an online video with the photos and videos of those unforgettable days?

With FlexClip, everyone can finally access a free online service that allows us to combine our memories into a single video, giving them a new shape. It must be said that with this program you can also create small videos to sponsor your business or some special initiative to share it via social media. Let’s see how this software is structured in this review.

Obviously, an online video editor should be simple to use, so that even the least accustomed can get their hands on it. You can upload the images and videos that you want to include in your project. Moving the elements will not be difficult and with the drag and drop feature, you can manage them easily.

FlexClip Video Maker
FlexClip Video Creator

In the editing screen, you can find three very important sections. In “TEXT” section, you will be able to insert texts to your liking following the preset styles or directly the logo of your company followed by a text depending on the selected layout. In “SETTING” section, you will find a very useful feature to insert your watermark, which will allow you to choose the size, position, and opacity of the same. Also in this section, you can find the setting related to the ratio that will allow you to choose from 3 resolutions: 16: 9, 1: 1 and 9:16.

Free Video Maker - FlexClip
Free Video Maker – FlexClip

Through the appropriate “MUSIC” section, it will be possible to import your own music and set the final volume of the music and cut and move the track to your liking.

Any element you enter may be modified, at least in part. For the photos, it is only a simple zoom with the possible rotation of the same, while as for the videos the possibility becomes more interesting. How many times have you happened to shoot something with your mobile phone and to rotate it continuously going to vary, in the absence of automatic rotation, the angle of the shot?

Thanks to the “split video” and the “trim video” function, you can choose the length of the video, going to cut (to your liking) a chosen portion of the initial and/or final part, and finally, have all the video in the ideal angle.

Surely, a software that allows you to create and/or edit videos online is very convenient, especially if it’s totally free like this. The good amount of textual layouts allows you to create an original video. Although the choice of modifications that can be applied to the selected multimedia contents is not so vast, it allows you to be able to manage everything in a sufficient manner, allowing to make cuts on the videos in a very simple way.

It’s all for this FlexClip review. If you are curious to test this software to create your own online video, by clicking here flexclip.com you will be sent to the official page.

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  1. After reading this blog I got to know that flexclip is one of the best video editing software, because its free and provide a wide range of facility which not provided by paid software. Other software are also good imovie, vediolan .etc but among them all, I like flexclip most.

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