Creative Photoshop Brushes for download – Set 1

Adobe Photoshop Brushes, download

For all you budding artists and involved in unleashing creativity on the digital canvas, Adobe Photoshop is the tool. In fact, it is more than a tool and rather a cool-aid that easily designs interfaces, websites, arts, etc.

In this regard knowing Photoshop in detail is not enough to come up with a creative piece, but what is required is to know from where and when to pick the right and useful resource for a particular design/art. I hope you all agree with it:)

Of course, I do :)

All of us are explorers searching for El Dorado (the city of gold) of resources for Photoshop to unlock our imagination and give wings to our creativity. The photoshop brushes required to reach our final destination lie scattered across the web and trust me, friend, they are countless! Of late there has been a rush to grab different types of brushes, unique or bizarre, which has made it popular.

So, keeping this burning requirement for such websites, we searched, collated, and compiled a series of useful adobe photoshop brushes websites that you would die to watch.

If you like the compilation then drop a comment. Since we came up with this post to help and improve your work we would like further additions to the list. So, if you have any interesting websites then you could drop your suggestions and we would include them in the list.

If you liked the article then refer it to your friends and fellow designers so that more and more designers and artists are benefited.

List of Photoshop Brushes (These resources are randomly arranged).

100 Awesome High Resolution Photoshop Brushes - Download
100 Awesome High-Resolution Photoshop Brushes

A great collection of Adobe Photoshop brushes, patterns, tutorials, and many useful Photoshop stuff. They are made by artists all over the world and all are free to use. Take a look, find something interesting for you, and free download. With us, design can be easier than ever.

My Photoshop Brushes
My Photoshop Brushes

A place for artists to download and vote for the best custom Photoshop Brushes and photoshop patterns on the internet! This site is updated every day with new Brushes for Photoshop so check back often and submit your own! We only accept the best photoshop brushes so be sure to read the terms of use for the official rules before submitting your Photoshop Brushes and photoshop patterns.



Original and Free Photoshop Brushes. For use in Photoshop 7 and higher only (might also work in Elements).

500ml: Brushes
500ml: Brushes

A free Adobe Photoshop brushes directory, featuring a handpicked collection of the best brushes for Photoshop on the net, all free to download and use. Here you’ll find PS brushes for every style and taste, ranging from always popular decay & grunge brushes, over abstract and tech, to gothic, coffee spills, hair, or fractal inspired brushes for photoshop.

Get Brushes
Get Brushes
Wow, you can say a simply superb and high-quality hand-picked collection of Photoshop
brushes are available here, this is one of my best resource sites – love the collection :)

Hawksmont Universe
Hawksmont Universe

DesignFruit: Tattoos, Tattoos, Body Art, Super Cool Body Paint For Your Mom, whatever you want to call it. I embarked on a journey last week to create some tattoo-inspired brushes. I sat down with some graph paper, a pencil, and some tattoo magazines.

Taking cues from some of my favorites I drew several designs, scanned them, traced my sketches in Illustrator, converted my art to vector, and then I brought them into Photoshop and made a nice little set of brushes for you. If you’ve used my brushes before then you know the drill. If you’re a newbie, read on.

Tasty Tattooâ„¢ Photoshop Brushes (Free), Vector Art, and PNGs (Free)

Photoshop Brushes – Baroque Borders

Fresh Foliage Part II Vector Files

Design Fruit
Check Design Fruit’s complete Photoshop Brushes category for the latest updates
Beautiful Buggers, Photoshop Brush Set 1. Set One of the “Beautiful Buggers” Photoshop Brushes are ready to infest your designs. The Bugs were originally inspired by our singer/songwriter friend, Cindy Woolf, who loves bugs so much that they have become a recurring theme throughout many of her songs.

This set includes 6 individual high-resolution brushes that were hand-drawn, then meticulously traced into vector illustrations for a super clean design. These bug brushes are perfect for digital scrapbooking or photography and are compatible with Photoshop CS and above. For those using an earlier version of Photoshop or a different program, we have provided PNG files.


Here is a huge and huge and huge collection of collected (hand-picked) photoshop brushes for free download, worth downloading.

Graphics-illustrations - Photoshop Brushes
Graphics-illustrations – Photoshop Brushes

Here is another creative resource that you can’t avoid, they just made this list as pop URLs style, a handpicked and best resource for photoshop brushes. Must watch and contribute if you know any.

PS Brush
PS Brush

And here are few of my collection of Adobe Photoshop Brushes from

36 flower brushes
Flower brushes 03: 36 flower brushes, ~100-150px. .abr made in PS6, imagepack included.

More things 02 - Photoshop Brushes
More things 02 – Photoshop Brushes

Big size scratches from different surfaces, may be useful for structuring your work. 10 Brushes, Image Pack included.

Scratch Texture Brushes PS 7.0
Scratch Texture Brushes PS 7.0

Circle flower brushes
circle flower brushes: flower brushes design by cool

You might have observed in the title “Set 1” :) – this is just the beginning.
Love it? then share it or spread it or Digg it or download or etc,……

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