Cricket World Cup 2007…

caribbean.gifThe time has come for the biggest event for the World of one day cricket to unfold- The World Cup. This edition will be played in the Carribean Islands and the viewers apart from enjoying the scenic beauty and warm sandy beaches will get to see some real explosive cricket.

There are 16 teams participating in the 2007 edition of theCricket_World_Cup.jpg World Cup, the new inclusion being the teams of Ireland and Bermuda. The teams have been grouped into four groups namely A, B, C, D with four teams in each group. In general there are two strong teams and two relatively weak in each group. In a way this format also introduces the ‘surprise element’ where these minnow could spriing up a real surprise against the established sides!

All the 16 team will be competing to win the coveted ICC Trophy which Australia won last time. This World Cup does promise lots of entertainment with explosive batting, pace bowling and electric fielding. There are players to watch out for from different teams who will set the competition on fire.

Teams would also be looking to perform as a cohesive unit gayle.jpgand rise above ‘individual’ performances to deliver the goods. To capture the mood of this World Cup, we would showcase each team with its strenghts, weakness and star players till the tournament begins. Also would be some intersting trivias and lots of action.

fans.jpgAll said and done, this World Cup would certainly have the Caypso flavor in all the three aspects of the game- Batting, bowling, fielding and not to forget the CROWD with their bands!..

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