CSS menu framework and Navigation bar code generator

CSS Navigation Bar Code Generator

CSS Navigation Bar Code Generator is a simple online web tool developed by Matt Varone. This web tool generates the necessary code you need to build up a valid and accessible text based imaged navigation bar with one sprite image, XHTML and CSS. The technique is inspired by this article: CSS Text based navigation bar with images, I encourage you to read it all before you continue.

CSS Navigation Bar <Code> Generator
CSS Navigation Bar Generator

Here is the short video to know more about this cool CSS Navigation Bar Code Generator.

Demo of the menu generated by this simple tool can be found here.

Here is the online web tool: CSS Navigation Bar Code Generator.

Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework for Download

And here is the cross browser Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework for Download, the download contains General purpose theme and Gorgeous mimic themes.

Cross Browser CSS Menu
Cross Browser CSS Menu

General purpose theme contains:
Simple vertical left-to-right, Simple vertical right-to-left, Simple horizontal upward, Simple horizontal linear, Simple limited (for IE5.*).

Advanced/Ultimate horizontal, A/U vertical left-to-right, A/U vertical right-to-left, A/U horizontal upward, A/U horizontal linear.

Flickr ultimate horizontal, Flickr horizontal linear, Flickr horizontal upward, Flickr vertical left-to-right, Flickr vertical right-to-left.

Gorgeous mimic themes contains:
NVIDIA.com horizontal improved css drop-down menu with no flash, Adobe.com horizontal improved css drop-down menu and MTV.com horizontal css drop-down menu

The interesting features of this css menu framework:

  • Modular, with themes.
  • Easily deployable.
  • Easily transformable, available transformations: horizontal, vertical left-to-right, vertical right-to-left, horizontal linear, horizontal upwards.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • JavaScript only for IE.
  • Last but not least Super Fast :)

If you have used this tool and created some cool menus to a specific themes etc, then just drop them a mail with your new menu – they will include your menu might be in their next release, kindly spread and make this package to grow – thanks.

Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework for Download

Go and grab the copy of menus and spread this article to the fellow web masters :)

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