CSS menu framework and Navigation bar code generator

CSS Navigation Bar Code Generator

CSS Navigation Bar Code Generator is a simple online web tool developed by Matt Varone. This web tool generates the necessary code you need to build up a valid and accessible text-based imaged navigation bar with one sprite image, XHTML, and CSS. The technique is inspired by this article: CSS Text-based navigation bar with images, I encourage you to read it all before you continue. Here is the short video to know more about this cool CSS Navigation Bar Code Generator.

A demo of the menu generated by this simple tool can be found here.

Here is the online web tool: CSS Navigation Bar Code Generator.

Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework for Download

And here is the cross-browser Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework for Download, the download contains a General purpose theme and Gorgeous mimic themes.

Cross Browser CSS Menu
Cross-Browser CSS Menu

The general-purpose theme contains:
Simple vertical left-to-right, Simple vertical right-to-left, Simple horizontal upward, Simple horizontal linear, Simple limited (for IE5.*).

Advanced/Ultimate horizontal, A/U vertical left-to-right, A/U vertical right-to-left, A/U horizontal upward, A/U horizontal linear.

Flickr ultimate horizontal, Flickr horizontal linear, Flickr horizontal upward, Flickr vertical left-to-right, Flickr vertical right-to-left.

Gorgeous mimic themes contain:NVIDIA.com horizontal improved CSS drop-down menu with no flash, Adobe.com horizontal improved CSS drop-down menu, and MTV.com horizontal CSS drop-down menu

The interesting features of this CSS menu framework:

  • Modular, with themes.
  • Easily deployable.
  • Easily transformable, available transformations: horizontal, vertical left-to-right, vertical right-to-left, horizontal linear, horizontal upwards.
  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • JavaScript only for IE.
  • Last but not least Super Fast :)

If you have used this tool and created some cool menus to specific themes etc, then just drop them a mail with your new menu – they will include your menu might be in their next release, kindly spread and make this package grow – thanks.

Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework for Download

Go and grab the copy of the menus and spread this article to the fellow webmasters :)

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