Cuddling business – Bizarre or Great?

When it comes to businesses in the service sector, one is spoilt for choice, especially when they are of luxury and personalized. From spas, to caviar manicures, we’ve heard them all, now here’s a service that makes you feel pampered – really pampered.

Founder of The Snuggery - Jacqueline Samuel
Founder of The Snuggery – Jacqueline Samuel

This is a service catering to customers want or need to hug and cuddle; they pay for it and enjoy the service just like any other. The controversial business was started up by Jacqueline Samuel, who named it The Snuggery. Charges are $60 an hour for each session, Samuel opened up her business in her cottage in Pen-field New York City. When asked about how a regular session works, Samuel explains; “We get into bed. We’re both in our pajamas, and we lay next to each other and cuddle,” she continued “Our bodies are snuggled up next to each other. There are all different kinds of positions to be cuddling. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t.”

Need A Hug! Professional Snuggler, Will Snuggle You For $60 An Hour:

Now this may sound a lot like prostitution, where in one is paying for a service to satisfy ones physical needs, but the founder doesn’t agree to that, she says; “I actually have very straightforward policies about where is OK to touch and where is not OK to touch,” she also added that the business is making her money too, which is all the more reason for her to not stop pursuing and expanding it “I’m doing it, making a living and having a good time and hopefully impacting others positively,” clearly, the criticism does not effect her and money making weighs heavy.

Service providers from any area will always back theirs, it is their source of income, and they have to push it on the customers via information, advertisement, be it bizarre or just normal. That is the way the world of business works, from the get go the whole concept is to earn money, make and increase profits. The same is for what The Snuggery provides its clients, there are scientific proofs that hugs have a relaxing effect on the people, but that doesn’t hold as a good reason to make it a money transaction.

It’s very sad that as human beings instead of evolving into loving beings, we are now going to head in the direction of giving money so much power that basic physically comforting activities need to be paid for. There are a lot of people who will hug you for free, it brings into focus how much we may be cut off from good friends, family and loved ones. Everyone in today’s technologically led world is focused on earning and becoming rich that no one takes time out for friends and family, which leads to such services coming into existence.

The business of Samuel is one that may physically be having some positive effects, but will psychologically have negative impacts on the snuggle-rs! Her clients range from 21 to 84 year old, which in itself is a shocking statistic. An individual as young as 21 is willing to shed $60 an hour for hugs and cuddling, then there is something seriously wrong with our society, clearly there seems to be lack of love, appreciation and affection.

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