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CyberSearch Firefox Add-ons
Cyber Search is an add-on for firefox which adds advanced Google Search capabilities to address bar. This plugin is at present an experimental add-on. The installation is available only for the advanced users for which you need to register with firefox Mozilla add-on to get the add-on installed. The Cyber Search add-on was adopted by the CyberNet News editor Ryan Wagner.

By using this add-on you can perform search for Google Web, Local, Videos, Blogs, News, Books, Images, and Patents. You can even have a control of the results displayed as there are options to restrict some types of Google searches to specific sites!

This extension includes fully customizable keyword system. If you’re familiar with the built-in Firefox keywords understanding how to use these will be second nature for you. And search results can be intermingled with the normal history/bookmarks results that are displayed in the address bar.

The basic features they are providing are:
1. Supports Multiple Google Services
2. Customizable Keywords
3. Restrict Searches to a Site
4. Custom Icons for keywords
5. Change the Appearance (background color for results performed via CyberSearch), so that there will be a clear difference between basic Firefox address bar results and the CyberSearch.
6. Retrieve Multiple Pages of Results
7. Hide Results when Using a Keyword
8. Doesn’t Interfere with Existing Firefox Keywords

And to use this add-on its recommended that you disable/remove the Edit Middle add-on as it includes some functionality from Edit Middle.

Fore more information on installing the plugin, release notes, screenshots, and a video demonstration check out the official site at:

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  1. hey guys – love the blog, have been following it for some time now.

    i know this is sort of off topic but i’m dying to know what plugin you guys use to get that digg icon for each of your posts, as well as how you guys got that cool little thing that says the views/date/votes on each of your posts.

    would love to hear back from you


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