Dance India Dance – dance to glory?

Dance India Dance, a reality show aimed at bringing out talented individuals from different parts of the country went on air on Zee TV from 30th January. The show aims at digging out talent from the different parts of India and providing them a platform to showcase their talent. The promotions preceding the launch of the show gave a glimpse of the show’s magnitude and unique nature. And not say, with ‘disco dancer’ of his times, Mithun Chakraborty, featuring in them, the viewers were certainly inquisitive as to what was coming their way.

Dance India Dance
Dance India Dance

The show’s format is similar but also different in some quarters compared to the others in the league such as Boogie Woogie. The show has three judges namely Remo D’Souza, Geeta Kapur and Terrance Lewis who are renowned personalities in the world of dance & ‘Bollywood’ . There were auditions held in different cities to unearth the ‘talent’ and these episodes made up for the initial shows. These shows were similar to Indian Idol which is aired in Sony in the sense that they had their fair share of entertainment in terms of the participant’s antiques, acerbic comments of the judges and usual melodrama and revelry narrated by a voice over giving it an appearance of a drama!

The show promises to be different in terms of bring out quality talent. It is not confined to plain talent but also looks for a certain degree of understanding of dance as art and knowledge of different art forms. So, one could say that the show does bears overtures of being a slightly serious one with knowledge of dance as its pillar and not being a source of pure entertainment alone.

Mithun Chakraborty
Mithun Chakraborty

Mithun Da is the grandmaster of the show. With his ‘entry’ in the offing in the later stages, the show promises of lots of fun and entertainment which would be heading audience’s way. Audience would get to see this veteran dance star dawn this new role of a judge in a television show. And in the process, the entertainment would be supposedly different from what other dance shows have offered in the past.

So for all the participants who have been selected for the next round and given the ‘Takdeer ki Topi‘, the days to come would mean more challenges and testing times. All their efforts aligned towards one goal – to get to the pinnacle and get a break in the world of dance. As for the audience, it is ‘Wait n watch’!

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  2. the best judgement is given by terence………. n he even knows how to handle situations….,,,, he is alwes to his point,, and tries a lot 2 help d dancers

  3. Hello
    Just let me ask first what actually dance means, and in other words its a entertainment where we can get some thing to enjoy seeing it in a way of feeling Happiness. But when we Watch DANCE INDIA DANCE its something different which is really has no sense. It’s just exactly watching a circus or some exercise which has nothing to do with the DANCE. And I wonder why these kinds of programs are encouraged where it has no meaning and are not worth at all. to tell you is this the people and the audience are fooled OR the audiences are fooling to all. Hence can see that the great star Mithun just feel helpless when there is a great clapping of the audience for some stupid programs and circus done by the participants and there is no way other then that him to salute and give them some points, the only thing can be admired is that for the great star Mithun and nothing is there such to admire rather then that as we all respect Mithun the great hero as we all like him and are the fans of him. also feel sad why he has in this kind of stupid program which is not a suitable program for him, and this DANCE INDIA DANCE is nothing else then a stupid way in the name of dance, although we can see the participants are here doing as f they are performing a circus, street dance fire play, ghost and spirit plays, balancing in chairs tables and all the funny things which is not at all related to dance, so what actually this program means is a question arrested with many of the weavers, so I would really suggest its better this not continue and try to give a better performance with suitable participates and a good judges where this could e admired by all
    Thank You

  4. Obviously, Sahil has no idea what he’s talking about. This is a great show and I love how well the dance. My favorites are Alisha and Prince. Great dancers and great show. The judges are also great!

  5. All the participants were good. If one gets out of the show, it does not mean that they are no good. I like Mandakini’s performance. She is good. And so are many others. The judges are excellent.

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