DateBox – A Date and Time Picker plugin using jQuery Mobile

I just came across this DateBox, a Date and Time Picker plugin for mobiles built with jQuery Mobile and customized in various ways to get different date formats as an output. DateBox makes user interaction with dates and times simple and intuitive, easy to implement, and extensible.

DateBox - A Date Time Picker jQuery Mobile plugin
DateBox – A Date Time Picker jQuery Mobile plugin

DateBox is very simple to use by providing a lot of customization. DateBox comes in four different display modes one is Standard (popup mode), Forced input (modal popup mode), Unique page (dialog mode), and the other is Inline mode. So you could choose any mode to display the calendar which suits your application.

And DateBox also comes with Multiple Data Entry modes, like Android-style date picker, normal calendar style, Slide style, iPhone like Flip Wheel, 12 and 24-hour time picker, and Duration time picker. And yes, it is fully localized by allowing you to configure Month Names, Day Names, and all labels & buttons text is configurable too. This even supports data-limiting of inputs like maximum and minimum years, days – blacklisting of days of the week or specific dates, and allows you to select a specific day from any week selection.

And DateBox is touch-friendly as it uses jQuery mobile as a base, which means look and feel or theme can be changed as per your application color schemes or standards and to make you feel handy DateBox tool is also providing Theme Editor to quickly change or match the look and feel as per your current application where you want to use this tool. I am sure you would love this DateBox once you see these live examples.

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