Desvall’s Gold, Chrome and Black Metal Shishas worth $100,000

Hookah has always been considered a thing of royalty to posses. But the ones used in the past cannot be flaunted with pride on the present day as it will stand out among all other possessions. To solve this problem of ours Desvall has come up with the unique range of Shishas [hookah] with amazing sense of art. It has tried to recreate the feel of royalty with an unseen verity of art on the shishas.

Desvall's - A variety of Shisha's - Gold, Chrome and Black Metal!
Desvall’s – A variety of Shisha’s – Gold, Chrome and Black Metal!

The company came up with designs called bespoke Étienne LeRoy, the Porsche Design hookah pipe, which were part of late Saddam Hussain’s possessions. The verity doesn’t end here people! Among the most expensive ones is the Crystal Gold Edition Shisha. This cannot be owned in anything less than a huge some of 60,000 dollars. When I describe this unique Shisha in detail you will understand why it is so heavily priced.

The shisha being plated with 24 carat gold tells us that it is totally worth the price. The Crystals embedded in the shisha and the use of while leather obviously add to its expense. If didn’t impress you that much then you should take a look at the Black Edition Desvall Shisha. This piece contains a ring that is once again plated with 24 carat gold and also studded with Swarovski crystals.

What makes it more antique is its handle which is made of the finest hand sewn black leather. Isn’t it just breathtaking to imagine possessing it? Well…… this is not it! I have another surprise for you. Get ready to learn more about the Chrome Edition Desvall Shisha. This one too like its siblings comes with Swarovski crystals and handcrafted white leather. The only difference is that it is chrome coated instead of gold or black metal. So what’s your choice? Gold, chrome or black metal?

Source: The world most expensive shisha sells for $60,000

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