Disney Animated is named the best iPad app of 2013

It is human nature to want nothing but the best. We want to use top rated products, watch Oscar winning or at least Oscar nominated movies, eat the world’s best food and so on. Not many of us know that the best can be had even in terms of an iPad app! Yes, its true.

Disney Animated - a wonderful Christmas gift from Apple!
Disney Animated – a wonderful Christmas gift from Apple!

Now you can have an app that has been named by Apple as the Best iPad app of the year – Disney Animated. It was not easy for this fun filled app to reach the top. It had to fight as many as 1,00,000 iPad apps launching in the app store this year.

What is so special about Disney Animated that it left 1,00,000 other apps far behind? It is definitely worth answering this question. To start with the obvious it is the right blend between art and technology. It helps a Disney fan discover the story in a unique way. To make this a reality Disney Interactive, Walt Disney Animation Studios and acclaimed developer Touch Press have joined hands. I can give you another reason to buy it right now. It is available at the app store for not more than 9.99 dollars. So without any further delay be the Santa with a special gift for the Disney lover in your family!

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