Do we need to be Rich to get Married?

Marriages are made in heaven. It is simply the coming together of two individuals with a promising of loving and caring for each other as long as they shall live. But on the earth it has become such an issue that the celebration is given more importance than the ceremony itself.

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It has in fact become an issue of one’s prestige to have lavishly decorated homes or hall and have a verity of food for the guests. So much so that if a wedding is not conducted in this manner it is not considered one. You can imagine the amount of time money and energy spent on a couple’s wedding when I tell you that the expenditure has increased from 5,000 dollars in 1945 to 30,000 dollars in 2007. Although the amount has come down 25,000 dollars there is nothing like the good old days!

Almost 53% of the people prefer to get married in churches, courthouses and private residence. In case of a private residence there’s less to worry about but a church or courthouse has its rent reaching the sky.  Even the simplest of weddings will touch the borders of the rates mentioned above. What has made a wedding so costly?  There are some must haves even in a basic wedding. To start with a photographer will cost the couple a minimum of 2,320 dollars who is considered very important to capture the memorable moments of the couple’s big day! Next is the videographer who is not probably a must but those who go for it need to spend 1,463 dollars.  The wedding gown obviously is a must which cannot be owned in less than 1,099 dollars.  Not to forget the wedding ring without which the ceremony is incomplete. A ring for life will take away as much as 15, 392 dollars from your pocket.

Another important thing is the vehicle that takes you to venue. Most of the time its not less than 667 dollars. Other expenses include  the church rent 1,393 dollars, music 503 dollars, reception venue 12,124 dollars reception band 3,081 dollars, reception DJ 900 dollars, invitations 351 dollars, dinner 1,127 dollars, cake 450 dollars, decorations 1,988 dollars, wedding favor 222 dollars and lastly catering 61 dollars per head. But there is a way out of this unimaginable expenditure.  Plan your wedding only when you have enough money in hand. Do only as much as you can and try not to let small things add up. The best thing to do would be to get married in spring or fall. That will save you 500 to 1000 dollars. You could use thermography to print the invitations. Another way of saving up to 2,250 dollars. So if you want to go easy with your wedding follow these tips and have a blast!

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