Doctor Deficiency in the United States of America

Medical Science! Something on which the entire human race depends for its very existence cannot be ignored at any cost! But there is a place in this world where the scarcity of doctors is making its place. It is shocking news that the United States which claims to be one of the most developed country in the world has become prey to this scarcity.

Doctor Deficiency in the United States of America
Doctor Deficiency in the United States of America

Research reports an alarming decrease in the number of doctors throughout the country with extreme decrease in Northern Ohio. Apparently all the major hospitals in that region including Cleveland Clinic and Metro Health System are on a vigorous hunt for Neurosurgeons, Urologists, Pediatric Oncologists and other specialists.

Although a definite cause for this rapid decrease of doctors is not specified, there is a shortage of 13,700 doctors in all specializations throughout the country presently which is expected to increase to 63,000 by 2015 after which a further increase to 130,000 is predicted. If this prediction is to be believed then the Americans will have no one to turn to in sickness and the country will be no better than hell in the near future. The immediate requirement of the country is a bunch of primary care doctors who include doctors specializing in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and general surgery. Presently the United States has 954,000 doctors practicing there out of which 30,000 are placed in Ohio. Ohio has been ranked 21st among states with per capita Physicians in active patient care. This is according to a most recent work force data book of the Medical Colleges Association in the US.

Sadly for the Americans one third of the Physicians practicing in their country are expected to retire within the next ten years dragging the number of doctors even deeper. To work things out the government is looking beyond university results and standard test score in the recruitment of doctors. It is said that encouraging students even from the rural background to enter the medical field is also being used as one of the remedies to solve this problem. As an other remedy the Medical schools in Ohio and other parts of the country to expose their students to the crisis that is being faced because of the lack of proper medical aid in those areas. “We’re looking at the total person, students who would go back to their rural or urban community to practice medicine,” said Dr. Andrew Filak Jr., interim dean of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Hoping that the steps taken by the government of United States of America prove to be beneficial to its people we wish them ALL THE BEST!


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