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Now you can do much more than just sharing photos and putting up a status on Facebook. When I say much more I mean even to the extent of donating your organs. Yes friends! Now you can donate organs on Facebook. Lets find out how this has been made possible. It was only on Tuesday that Facebook made a proud announcement of its new feature making use of which people can donate their organs to the needy. By introducing this feature the social networking site is giving a human touch to itself. It provides you with a link for you to register as a donor.

A Life Saving Feature of Facebook - Donate your Organs Now!
A Life Saving Feature of Facebook - Donate your Organs Now!

The entire process is very simple and easy. All you have to do is click on the “life event” button that lies right beside your status bar. Your next step should be clicking on the “Health and Wellness” option which will directly lead to the popping up of the organ donation option.

This has already become immensely popular in the United States of America. Reports say that there are as many as 550 donors since Tuesday afternoon. The figure would otherwise be not more than 70 donors per day experts say. New York times says surgeons are expecting millions of donors to come forward in the next few days. It is amazing to see how social networking can be more than just an entertainment. News papers reveal that as many as 7,000 Americans die every day waiting for organ donors. Well then, Facebook has taken its first step to reduce the number. Lets take a look at what the doctors have to say about this life saving feature of Facebook.

“I think it’s possible that we will see an impact over the next couple of years, where we would imagine eliminating the transplant waiting list,” Dr. Andrew Cameron, a transplant surgeon at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who helped bring the idea to Facebook, told ABC News. Lets see how successful Facebook is in saving lives in the years to come.

Interview with Mark Zuckerberg:

Source: Facebook unveils organ-donor status option

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