Download Flickr photos in bulk with Bulkr by ClipYourPhotos

Wana do some funky things with your digital photos?

Then ClipYourPhotos will be the best for you to checkout. ClipYourPhotos is a collection of funky tools to play with your photos. As of now they have got 4 tools as described below.

Bend, Frame, Archive and Download your photos with ClipYourPhotos
Bend, Frame, Archive and Download your photos with ClipYourPhotos

Face Bender: The easiest way to fool around with your photos is to load them up in Face Bender! Warp regular faces into goofy-funny-hilarious (and what not!) characters with just few clicks. You can even create caricatures of your favorite characters within minutes… Have fun!

Framer: Add cool frames to your digital photos.. instantly!

Archivr: Archivr – Front Page Archive, Find your photos on Explore Front Page on

Bulkr: Among all I loved this Bulkr tool built with Adobe AIR, which is really helpful to download the pics or photos or images from Flickr with just one click. Bulkr is a desktop application for downloading photos from Flickr in bulk. You can download your photos in 6 different sizes and can download the photos from all your sets, photostream, favorites or photos from other Flickr users.

We can expect more from this Bulkr tool as still it is in beta stage.

Here are the couple of interesting features of Bulkr tool:

  1. Can Backup original size photos (including private) to your computer
  2. Download upto 200 photos in batches with a click of a button from:
    Your photostream (also search within your photostream)
    Your favorites
    Explored photos
    Flickr search
    Any user’s photostream
  3. Download your photos from Sets
  4. Download photos in 6 different sizes.
  5. Preview images before download
  6. Resume download if connection breaks during download

Already using these tools? would appreciate if you could share your experience via comments.

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