Download, Make and Order your Pizza through Domino’s Pizza Hero Game

Okay people! Now quickly brush up your pizza making skills because Domino’s can’t wait to see the chef in you! I know now you’re like…. What is she saying? So to avoid further confusion let me tell you that Domino’s has recently launched a new iPad app with the name Pizza Hero.

Make Domino's Pizza on your iPad - Pizza Hero Game
Make Domino’s Pizza on your iPad – Pizza Hero Game

The game requires players to use their hands to stretch the dough, put sauce on it and then add some yummy pepperoni to make a mouth – watering pizza on their iPads. They willed be judged on their accuracy of time along with their perfection in pizza making by a virtual store manager who will also reward them with points for each stage in the pizza making process.

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The fun part is you could tell the world how good you are at it by posting your scores on Facebook and Twitter while you check where you stand in the competition. You could do all this at the Game Centre Leaderboards. So with this unique app on your iPad or Android you can not only order yummy pizzas but also take pride in making them! The game has already created waves in the United States of America and is gearing up to take over UK and Republic of Ireland. So what are you waiting for? Bring out the chef in you, download Pizza Hero Game and enjoy your pizza :)

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