Dreamstime launched New Personalisation and Social Media Features

This article will give you abundant information about the leading online Stock Photography Service – Dreamstime! Before that, I hope you know what stock photography is. For those who don’t, it is the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses.

So, since Dreamstime is doing this job with perfection it became the leading Stock Photography Service online. This perfection went a step ahead on the 23rd of September this year. It released its new feature that has been added to the list of its already existing unique features. The new member in the family embraces social media activity whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or any other platform through which you are looking for images.

If you take a look at the feature called ‘Designers Also Selected These Stock Photos’ you will realize that you can now view the items being viewed in their shopping cart. This is made possible by analyzing data coming from consumers’ purchases. Describing the feature further for us CEO and co-founder, Dreamstime, Serban Enache said “This new personalization feature appeals to both natural creativity and curiosity, as well as the desire to be current, up-to-date and relevant. It’s an effective motivator in getting customers to check out the images that other people are buying, by means superior to keywords search or visual search. By paying close attention to our customers’ shopping behavior and actively listening to what they are saying, we are laying the foundation for important opportunities both now and moving forwards.”

Its second feature enhances our experience further and gives us better access to popular images through various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Google+, Buzz, Digg, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Giving us an insight into this Enache explained, “We use this data to help create a better, overall user experience. In an effort to expand our horizons, both of Dreamstime’s new features are key in driving user discovery, as well as assisting customers in easily finding contemporary stock images that they never knew existed. Users will now have the opportunity to take a peek at stock photos that other designers and photographers are selecting, and have the option to explore further thanks to useful, relevant recommendations.”

Did you know? There is a feature to store the users profile too! This feature keeps you informed of past purchases, demographic information, browsing history – to create a dynamic experience unique to you. It’s called ‘Designers Also Selected These Stock Photos’. This will guide you either by showing you what you have selected earlier or by showing you the images that are currently popular. So, now if you ever require to use Stock Photography you know where to go!

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