Drop Stop – the ultimate product for not losing items in cars

Drop Stop Car Wedge to reduce Driver Distraction

We’ve all been there, and experienced it. You’re sitting in the car and your keys fall into the gap between the side of a car’s seat cushion and the center console, You’re struggling to find them and sometimes don’t. Well, Jeffrey Simon and Marc Newburger have found a solution to this problem by inventing the Drop Stop!

As a product idea it is very simple, it is just a stuffed neoprene tube, that can be squished down between the cushion and the console on pretty much any make or model of vehicle. It is also very easy to maintain, just wash it when you feel it’s gotten dirty.

A reinforced slot has been strategically put in so that the tube allows the seat belt receptacle to stick through, this also assists in having the Drop Stop stay “moored” to the seat. Because it is “moored” into the seat, the product easily slides back and forth with it when the seat is adjusted. The inventors have definitely thought through and through about the product in terms of practicality.

Drop Stop a Product of Importance

In the cramped-up space of a car, we don’t want any new product taking up space, but this one is a definite helper, no more losing tiny objects and going crazy looking for them. Drop Stop is one of those innovations that are just necessary to survive stress-free.

Also, one important factor is that this product also will help in avoiding accidents, when too busy looking for the dropped object like a phone or something precious like jewelry.

Retailing at just $19 for a set of two (one for each front seat) it is very reasonably priced. The product is available only in a neutral Black to go with every car.

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