Drunken driving could be harmful but Driving A Drunken Car is Not!

How many of you have heard of a car which is drunk? Nope. It’s no fairytale or cartoon. It’s a real car developed by a group of intellectual group of people from the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany. It got the name Schluckspecht [a German term for boozer] because one of the first gasoline prototypes of the team was a gas guzzler.

Drunken Electric Vehicle
Drunken Electric Vehicle

The first car that was built would consume a lot of fuel and it was required to be refilled many times before the finish line. This was not done. There had to be an alternative! Then came the idea of Schluckspecht which was made with a lighter frame replacing its original base plate at Fraunhofer University.

Now it is an electronic vehicle that has set a record of traveling the longest journey of 36 hours and 12 minutes at a speed of 28 miles per hour. This exceptional speed and distance of the car were tested at Boxberg in Germany.

It is a one-seat vehicle with two wheel-mounted hub motors and has the support of two lithium-cobalt battery packs. It is slim, light, and aerodynamic. This team emerged successfully after participation in South African Solar Challenge 2010 by traveling a distance of 626 km on public roads.

It is truly the best and the most useful gift that the Germans have given mankind. With a car of such a speed that can go on and on once charged, there’s nothing more one could ask for!

Via: ‘Drunken’ Electric Vehicle Breaks World Record

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