Dunkin – adds bacon sandwich to their national menu

Free Doughnut - National Doughnut Day

The world’s yummiest doughnut chain is adding a new item to its permanent menu in the USA. The company announced that their breakfast sandwich to its national menu this week. Dunkin is making sure the customers stay interested in their fun sweet treats.

So what’s the excitement all about? What’s in this sandwich? Well, brace yourself; the sandwich comes with fried eggs and bacon between split glazed doughnuts. The company has announced that starting June 7th, 2013, this sandwich will become part of the permanent menu nationwide in the USA.

June 7th is claimed to be “National Doughnut Day” by Dunkin’. The infamous sandwich was tested in select stores in eastern Massachusetts in April, creating a considerable buzz online. With everything dependent on how social media receives products, the doughnut giant sounds like a sane move to include it in its permanent menu.

This is a sweet move for the company in the healthier eating direction; Dunkin’ Donuts says the “Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich” clocks in at 360 calories, which is less than the 390 calories for the turkey sausage sandwich it recently introduced for people looking to eat better.

Stan Frankenthaler, the executive chef and vice president of product innovation at Dunkin’ Donuts, claimed that the new offering by the company is in line with its goal of offering variety to its customers.

The fast-food chains of the USA have seen changes since the customers in their 20s and 30s are looking for affordable, easy yet healthier offerings by their favorite outlets. This has created a shift in the dynamics of many fast-food chains to cater to these masses of customers.

Dunkin Donuts Bacon Donut Breakfast Sandwich Is Going National

A report by the Hudson Institute earlier this year highlighted that the success of restaurant chains depended heavily on the lower-calorie options on the menu; many such restaurants grew in success between 2006-2011. However, many fast-food chains are doing great by introducing rather unhealthy, greasy and calorie vamped offerings.

The increase in sales comes with the excitement created by the innovation factor in the products. In the end, it does come down to marketing; fast-food chains are known for having an indulgent feeling; that’s what draws customers to them, the “breaking the diet rules” feeling. They rely on their customers’ momentary lapse of calorie judgment when exposed to a new item in their menu.

Coming back to Dunkin’, the company is making sure you can customize your sandwiches too, Frankenthaler when asked if the customer will also be able to order a sandwich on any doughnut, said, “I’m sure the store will do that for you.” Well, enough said then, let’s wait till June 7th for the great breakfast sandwich and celebrate national doughnut day, shall we?

Content source: USA today

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