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InLinks.com an another good marketing service from best and most popular marketing site Text-Link-Ads.com which runs simple relevant text ads on your website.

InLinks.com is the premier service in providing content static text link ads. This service InLinks is specialize in placing static html links within high quality, relevant copy in your site content. Publishers will have a dramatic increase in steady residual income and advertisers will see a huge boost in their natural search engine rankings.

These are the couple of benefits for Bloggers/Publishers and Advertisers:

Bloggers/Publishers Benefits:

  • Inline content ads for a specific words without the annoying pop up!
  • Get paid a flat rate per month per ad sold.
  • Approve or deny ads as they are sold or allow us to control.
  • Install simple plugin, just sit back and collect your monthly earnings. Plugins currently available for WordPress, Movable Type and Drupal.

Advertiser Benefits:

  • Natural In Content Placement. inLinks allows you to purchase links within the content area on web pages. You search for instances of your top keywords and replace those static keywords with a hyperlink back to your website. There simply is not a more natural paid link on the market.
  • Economically Priced. Starting at $10/mo per link.
  • More site targeted visitors.

Mainly more useful for the advertisers who can search for the right site targeted content with keyword search and can place the ads within the content where they think their site will be more prominent for and can attract more visitors to their site. So here advertisers has a provision for specific blog post or a specific page than to place ads in site wide.

You can even earn more from their Referral/Affiliate Scheme:

For Publisher (Blog) Referrals:

They pay 10% of all revenue earned by publishers that you refer to InLinks! This 10% of revenue earned from publishers you refer is good for a full two years after the publisher joins inLinks. They also offer you the ability to earn up to 15% of all revenue publishers you refer earn, check out their tiered system below:

The publisher referrals are also a tiered system in which the affiliate can earn up to 15%

of the revenue per month:

  1. 10% for first two years of referred publisher life.
  2. 11% if blogger refers over $1,000 per month of revenue.
  3. 12% if blogger refers over $2,000 per month of revenue.
  4. 13% if blogger refers over $3,000 per month of revenue.
  5. 14% if blogger refers over $4,000 per month of revenue.
  6. 15% if blogger refers over $5,000 per month of revenue.

For Advertiser Referrals:

You will be paid out $25 for any referred advertiser who makes a purchase at InLinks.com.

So why not give it a try! or Already using InLink.com service? If so why not share your experience.

Published by Sravan Kumar Kandagatla

Sravan is the Founder of WittySparks, a global content publishing platform that offers witty stories and information across multiple industry domains. Under his leadership, WittySparks today has become a go-to destination for in-depth knowledge of healthcare, business, and marketing topics. Besides, Sravan is a highly experienced web designer, developer, and user experience designer. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn and initiate a chat.

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