Earn money with Print button!

Yes, you can earn money with a Print button placed in your website or blog or ecommerce site etc. with Adsme. Last year November first week this Adsme service is launched, their concept of product advertising and earning money seems to be very interesting. Adsme, a provider of point-of-print (POP) soltions which is designed to capture and engage your site visitors when they are printing web pages or saving a web page as documents.

Earn money with Print button by Adsme
Earn money with Print button by Adsme

Adsme Print button will dynamically create new, sophisticated print pages that extend company brand, deliver customized and localized information, and promote your own additional products and services or insert contextual ads from your own advertising inventory or you can even use Adsme’s Ad Network.

This is how Adsme concept actually works, whether you have a blog or ecommerce site or branded website Adsme dynamically gathers your content of any web page when your visitors pushes print button, then the Adsme API connects with the secure Adsme Server. There your content is quickly reformatted and merged with your own custom template or selected Adsme design templates and sent back to site in a PDF format for ready to print with already included Ads in your design.

For now Adsme is a FREE service, they have plan of releasing pay version with more advanced features and with a higher level of service in future.

So folks how do you feel about this new way of promoting products offline?

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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