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As email marketing is recorded to be the strongest form of marketing campaign in the history, we think it is essential to provide the latest and authentic information to educate about the email marketing. Hence, we bring forth a community-driven guide to email marketing where you can get first hand information on the subject matter, from experienced email marketers, elucidating everything you need to know about ‘email marketing’. This guide will be updated from time-to- time, by the industry experts, with latest additions and revisions in the email marketing arena.

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Why Email Marketing?

  • Deliver the Message
  • Reach Larger Audience
  • Longevity of Email
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Highest Return on Investment

Advantages/Benefits of Email Marketing for Business & Growth

  • Global Audience Reach
  • Measurability
  • Credibility
  • Affordability
  • Sales Boosting
  • Time Saving
  • Quick Results

Best Practices of Email Marketing

  • Fixing Delivery issues
  • Testing Email Content
  • Avoiding Spammer Content
  • Avoiding Phishing Links
  • Sending Multipart Messages
  • Roadmap to Successful Email Marketing Campaign
    by Arun Goyal
  • Proof Reading
    by David Alexander
  • Boost open rates with multichannel approach
    by Nathan Ellwood

Types of Email Marketing

  • Direct Mail: The Secret Weapon of Present Marketing
    by Jenny Cruz

How to choose an Email Marketing Software/Tool?

  • Email Designing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Understanding what works
  • Connecting with other Marketing Channels
  • List Management
  • Integrating with other Tools and Software
  • Landing Pages
  • Reports & Analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Compliance with anti-spam laws
  • API
  • Customer Support
  • Tips for Improvement
  • Price

Great Tools to Consider


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Email Marketing Tips from Subject Matter Experts

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