Advantages or Benefits of Email Marketing for Business & Growth

Businesses can gain plenty of benefits from email marketing, specifically due to the fact that most people now access their emails on smartphones on day-to-day basis. Thus, email remains the most preferred form of marketing for any organisation that is used to communicate with customers for business, as well as growth.

Some of the email marketing benefits for business and growth are as follows.

Global Audience Reach

The key feature of email marketing is its ability to target customers globally. No other platform allows businesses to reach out to the audience in masses, on a global level. Even though social media provides a similar platform, it is not as effective as email marketing, as it is non-measurable. Whereas, in email marketing, the emails are sent directly to the existing or potential customers, unlike social media, allowing the maximum amount of visibility. This can help businesses in promoting their products and services across the world, as well as in their future growth.


As mentioned above, email is the only form of marketing that is measurable. It provides accurate statistics regarding the rate of delivery, number of emails opened, click-to-deliver rates, and subscriber retention rates, unlike other marketing channels that provide metrics representing only ambiguous analytical estimations that are unreliable. Email marketing, with the help of marketing tools, presents businesses with an opportunity to monitor and attain a detailed insight into customers’ behaviour patterns and interests.


Building trust and credibility with the customers is the most essential part of a successful marketing channel. Email marketing provides a business with the ability to achieve credibility. With the help of relevant and personalised email newsletters with engaging content, businesses can attract large audiences while gaining their trust and loyalty, as well as maintain rapport with them. This can help the businesses to turn their audience into buyers or potential customers.


The low-cost investment involved in sending email newsletters is the most advantageous factors of email marketing. As discussed earlier, return on investment (ROI) on every $1 invested is 38%, making email marketing the most affordable channel for business promotions and growth. Additionally, businesses can save huge monies using email marketing, as emails neither require printing and postage, nor does it require advertisements in newspapers, magazines, holdings, and television, which can cost a fortune with lower return on investments (ROI) compared to email marketing.

Sales Boosting

Email marketing can really boost sales of a business if done correctly. As email marketing is a mature channel compared to other marketing channels, including social platforms, it can generate more sales than others. For decades, it has proven to convert leads into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers. In fact, email continues to be the topmost platforms to heavily influence customers to buy and repeat purchase, according to surveys conducted by Forrester in 2012, as well as Campaigner in 2015.

Time Saving

Email marketing is time saving, as it requires a single page of promotional email draft that is short and simple and conveys a direct message. Businesses today, also have the luxury to use ready templates available online that allows businesses to design their newsletters or promotional emails quickly and easily, and have a professional appeal at the same time.

Quick Results

Nevertheless to say, email marketing is the fastest marketing platform. The amount of waiting time in an email marketing campaign is very less as the response is pretty quick. Email marketing can be a terrific channel to speed up the sales cycle and provides the results almost immediately, with the help of right content, sent to the customer, at the right time, and tracking the campaign efficiently.

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