How to choose an Email Marketing Software or Tool

Email marketing should be a necessary tool/software for every business, regardless of running the email campaigns. However, selecting the right software/tool that meets your business requirements and works for you at the same time is not an easy thing to decide. Here are some of the important features you need to look for, in an ideal Email Marketing platform or Email Marketing software or Email Marketing tool, which can help you take the right decision.

Features to consider while choosing an Email Marketing Software

Email Designing

As every email sent, adds values to the subscribers and serves as a deciding factor in attracting them into taking an action, it is important that each email is designed to perfection and reflects professionalism, be it text-based emails, custom coded emails or others. An ideal software/tool is the one that offers variety of sample templates to select from, based on your requirement, and give you the flexibility to create and publish landing pages that work best for your business.

Responsive Email Templates

  • HTML Templates which are optimized for various resolutions and devices
  • Easy to use Drag and Drop Editors

Marketing Automation

The ideal email marketing software/tool offers you the key feature to turn your emails on autopilot. The one that allows you to automatically email your subscribers, like sending out welcome emails when new subscribers sign up, or sending out thank you (for the association) emails when someone chooses to unsubscribe. When choosing a email marketing software/tool make sure that it is user-friendly and fits best with your needs.

  • Create and send email automatically from your newest blog posts using RSS/JASON/XML feeds.
  • Easy to create automated email sequences, autoresponder follow-up mails, welcome emails, birthday emails, event based emails, lead campaigns etc.
  • Scheduled and location based best time email delivery

Understanding what works

What works for your email marketing campaign and your business doesn’t necessarily work for other campaigns or businesses. You need to understand what works best for your campaign. The ideal email marketing software/tool provides you with a valuable insight into your performance, including reports on visitors, clicks, conversions, as well as revenue. This can helps you in to learn and better understand what works for your business.

Connecting with other Marketing Channels

Email is undoubtedly the best channel of marketing, and social media follows right after. Connecting your email marketing campaign with other marketing channels will be an added advantage, as it helps in reaching and attracting wider audiences.

Social Media Integration

  • Easy to integrate social media with emails to deliver integrated campaigns which helps to connect with users who are not subscribed and helps your campaign to go viral.
  • The ideal software/tool will allow you to integrate campaigns across different marketing channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. This will help in growing your business and improving your bottom line.

List Management

  • Sign Up Forms to collect, track and manage your subscribers list
    • Easy to integrate newsletter sign up / subscriber forms in various CMS platforms, Social networks etc.
    • Responsive subscription forms
    • WordPress plugins or HTML code snippet to integrate sign-up forms
    • Popup, appear on scroll, exit intent and embeddable signup forms
  • Easy to import contact lists from various other platforms
  • Segmentation of contacts based on Geolocation or interest etc. so that you can send the right message to the right customer.

Integrating with other Tools and Software

Apart from the feature to connect with other marketing channels, some of the best email marketing tools/software offer other e-commerce integrations, like connecting your account with innumerable apps and websites, to sync customer data where you can learn about the things your customers are investing their money in, and create targeted campaigns. This will be useful in generating more revenues and in the growth of your business.

Landing Pages

  • Easy to create landing pages
  • Seamless integration with other landing page creation platforms like LeadPages, OptimizePress, InstaPage, UnBounce etc.

Reports & Analytics

  • Helps to monitor and track how your email campaigns are performing in real-time
  • Should contain detailed statistics of Email open rates, click-throughs on links or call-to-action buttons, behavioral data, engagement reports etc.
  • Email delivery statistics
  • Unsubscribers stats

A/B testing

  • A/B testing helps to maximize user engagement with advanced split testing which considers variables like Sender Information, Subject, body content etc.

Compliance with anti-spam laws

  • Software should ensure that there should be 100% deliverability rates and should help you land the email in the Inbox instead of SPAM folders.
  • Your email should automatically include Unsubscribe links to ensure user can remove their subscription with just one cluck.


  • Robust and extensible API’s to integrate with your favorite apps or custom apps.
  • Detailed API developers guide

Customer Support

Another important factor to consider while choosing an ideal software/tool for your email marketing campaign, or for your business, is the customer support feature. You must know if they provide a team that offers their dedicated support, like live chat and 24 hours call availability in emergencies, and email support otherwise. It is crucial to find out about the customer support you will be provided, before you choose to sign up.

Tips for Improvement

As we all know, there is always a room for improvement, no matter how good you are at what you do. An ideal software/tool will update you on your performance from time-to-time and provide you with tips for improvement, taking your previous records into consideration. So, make sure you choose a software/tool that helps you improve with time.


Lastly, choose a software/tool wisely as it will cost you money. Most of the software allows you to sign up for free giving a trial period to test and decide if you like it and if it serves your needs. There are many software’s that offer a free plan depending up on the email subscriptions. You can use different software to compare and learn what works for your business, in terms of features, user-friendliness, affordability, etc. At the end of your trial period or a free plan, you can decide if the software is worth your money.

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