Email Marketing – Introduction

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that is used for sending commercial message, usually to a specific audience, using email. Broadly, it can mean, every email that is sent to a potential or existing customer with the purpose of bringing brand awareness, attracting new customers or the current customers to make a purchase, retaining relationship with existing customers to maintain customer loyalty, sharing third-party advertisements, and other marketing purposes.

The whole concept behind email marketing is to make an effort to engage your targeted customers, existing, as well as potential customers, by directing them to the company’s website over and over, it would most often result in purchasing or re-purchasing the products / services. Besides engaging customers, these emails can be used to obtain sales, acquire new customers, lead the youth, gain customer loyalty, and also, for brand awareness, using a single email campaign list.

The most important part of email marketing is to get the email addresses of buyers / customers. Many established companies, be it a clothing brand, electronic store, or a restaurant, maintain a diary in which the visitors are requested to provide their feedback, along with entering their valuable information, like email address, postal address, and mobile number. The data collected from the customers is the key to a successful email campaign. Using this information, companies can directly approach their existing, as well as potential customers, with targeted content, including deal and discount offers, via sending emails directly to their inbox.

The major advantage of email marketing is that the emails can be sent selectively to the users based on their purchase, view, or wish-list history, for example, if a customer is obsessed with viewing boots online, using this data, a marketer can send emails displaying latest collections, or offers, it will grab customer’s attention immediately. This trend has been growing vastly in the email marketing campaigns, to send personalised emails containing customer’s things-of-interest, and has proven to be highly successful.

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