Types of Email Marketing

Transactional Email Marketing

The emails that are sent based on a customer’s action with a company is termed as transactional email marketing. The primitive motive of transactional email communication is “to facilitate, complete, or confirm a commercial transaction that the recipient has previously agreed to enter into with the sender”.

These emails include:

  • Email address confirmations
  • Password resets
  • Purchase receipts
  • Thank you for [some action]
  • Account balance updates
  • Weekly manifests
  • Auto-responders
  • Support requests
  • Cart abandonment
  • Monthly invoices
  • App error alerts (developer tested!)
  • Automated re-engagement (marketer approved!)

Direct Email Marketing

Direct emails are sent with the sole purpose of delivering a promotional message, such as discount offers, season collections, and product catalogues. A list of customer email addresses data is generated by the companies, or rented from service companies, to send direct promotional emails.

Mobile Email Marketing

There is a constant research on how to grab the potential customers and engage them in advertisements as much as possible, and smartphones and tablets are some of the massive sources to draw traffic using email marketing, hence, cannot be ignored. A relatively big part of communication and revenue is represented by mobile email marketing. It has been recorded that 81% of people, on an average, check their emails on smartphones. Therefore, mobile email marketing is perceived as a pull strategy. The Apple iPhone’s email client market share was estimated to be 33%, followed by Gmail at 19%, in December 2016. This was calculated for 1.44 billion opens.

Statistics Source: emailmonday.com

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