Email This with MailCounter – Tweetmeme for email?

The MailCounter badge as Email This service which gives visitors to your blog an easy way to share your content via email. Email This service, this was there in my mind since long that why not some one would create a service with a button similar Digg This, Tweet This and now Email This. I have even one more service in my mind, that is SMS This, hope some one would come up with this concept too.

Email This was created by The Next Web network who came up with this tiny widget or badge or button or tool for making it easier for people to send email content to each other.

Email This with MailCounter - Tweetmeme for email?
Email This with MailCounter - Tweetmeme for email?

Why there are no options to choose different popular mail services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc. Actually they wanted it to be little easier. A ‘one-click’ experience that would auto-format an email message in my own email application (which would also work for Gmail) and which also offers some interestingness for the blog owner. Of course this was inspired from TweetMeme button :)

The problem with this widget is that the counter number increases even if you have not sent an email, so basically for now it acts now like an click counter. Can understand as it is still in Beta or in development mode, I am sure they gonna work on this seriously to make it as popular as TweetMeme button.

This is what they say about this Click Counter type:
Of course some people complain that I don’t count the actual emails sent but only the clicks on the “Email This” button. That is all true. The system is easy to game. If you want to have 100% accurate counts this isn’t for you.

One more interesting thing about this Email This MailCounter widget is for now you can check Last 10 results of a particular page or an article example and even they store number of times it was shared by number of unique visitors. By this way one can guess whether the blog owner is faking it OR one visitor shared this post with 10 friends.

This gonna be a big thing if they seriously concentrate to enhance it more. Good Luck folks.

Loved this concept which is simply superb and would be great if they could improve this tool with the following enhancements pointed out by WittySparks team:

  1. Email This opens default OS based email service like OutLook etc. What if some one has not setup his/her outlook or some other default service?
  2. Would be great if there would be a chance to send an email with the popular services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc. where we already have lots of others/friends mail ids with who we really want to share a page via an already existing address book etc.
  3. Would be wonderful if there is a widget to show recently 10 Posts sent via Email This from a particular website or a popular 10 posts sent via Email This.
  4. Any plans for API?

Hope every website owner will love this tool, and don’t forget to share your experience about this cool widget.

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