Emberlight – the control of lights at home, now on your finger tips!

What if I told you that you have the power to perform a magic trick? You don’t have to go far; this can be done from any part of your house. Actually from anywhere in the world!

The trick I’m talking about is the ability to turn the lights of your home on and off from anywhere. Yes, this is possible. All you need is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and then you are ready to perform your magic trick anytime. Let me now tell you some more interesting facts about Emberlight. To start with, it allows you to adjust many lights with a single touch. You can now modify your surroundings according to your requirement or mood.

It turns any light into a smart light – look how:

It is so sensitive to your presence that it automatically turn on or off if your hands are engaged in doing something else. A very smart device I must say! You can control it to the extent of simulate your presence even when away. Have you heard of that before? Emberlight has many more such surprises. An individual who likes to spend economically will definitely love Emberlight. A simple activity of slight dimming of your lights will leave a lot of currency in your pocket while allowing you to continue experiencing considerable brightness – a technique unique to Emberlight. And if you’re worried about the kind of bulb you’ll need, it adaptability is spread over a wide range.

Emberlight will pamper you even if you have a bad memory. An alert on your phone will remind you that you have left the lights on. For all this you need to follow just three steps – unpack Emberlight, screw in your favorite bulb and configure your Wi-Fi. That’s it, the power is yours! Bring home Emberlight today and experience luxury.

Published by Kruti Beesam

Being a hobby writer Wittysparks gave me the best platform to explore my skill. It has helped me learn about various things in different fields while showcasing my writing skills.

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