EMBRACE+ fashionable notification bracelet

Android and iPhone users are in for a fashion forward treat, with the new EMBRACE+ notification bracelet. The purpose of the bracelet is simple, to keep you notified and connected to your smartphone.

Embrace+ a Smartphone fashionable notification bracelet
Embrace+ a Smartphone fashionable notification bracelet

By using this simple fun product you can be notified for a wide variety of information. This includes Incoming calls, sms, Skype, Facebook, Tumblr,Twitter, Instagram,E-mail, calender alerts amongst many. The product is focused at those who always need to be on top of their game, and want to be notified in a chic manner.

The design of the product is what makes it so unique,it comes in three sizes that fit both men and women.The EMBRACE+ bracelet is available in Opal, Topaz and Beryl after the gemstones.Users can customize a notification with one, two or different colors. You can set the number of blinks, the duration of each blink, the speed interval, the lighting brightness, and a short subtle vibration with the first blink. The product is user friendly and easy to customise to your own like. One can also set many profiles to suit the different events they’re at.

State of the art technology has been used to develop this product. EMBRACE+ comes with a battery that is rechargeable via a charging cable that comes with it, the cable can be connected to the USB port of your laptop as well. The battery should last for 10 days with an average of average of 100 notifications per day, which is not bad at all!

Lastly, the EMBRACE+ and its App work with any mobile phone that uses Android 2.3 and up and iOS 5 or 6. There is no compromise on style with this product. The practicality of the product includes the fact that it is in fact water proof!

So what do you say? Love it or hate it?

Images and Information Courtesy: Kickstarter

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