Enjoy the British Egg Week starting this October at UK’s TOSSED!

UK's Tossed celebrates British Egg Week starting on the 1st of October!

Hello again! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, requires to be nutritious and tummy-filling so that you are not disturbed until lunchtime. My mom always gives me some form of an egg, so I get the correct dosage of proteins each day. I’m sure yours does the same! Now that we are all by ourselves, we need to take care of our bodies ‘ needs.

So on the occasion of the British Egg Week [starting on the 1st of October and ending on the 7th], I thought I’ll share some egg facts and help you get healthier by consuming this protein-rich food.

According to recent research, today’s eggs are far better than what we had three decades ago. Won’t you ask why? It’s because the eggs that are available today contain over 70 percent vitamin D and double the amount of selenium, around 20 percent less fat, 13 percent fewer calories, less cholesterol, and at an average of 66 calories per medium egg, they provide outstanding, lean nutrition at any time of day.

These facts prove an egg is the best way to start a healthy refreshing day and stay healthy. If you are a busy person who does not have the time for the first meal at home, I know of a place where you get breakfast which is as good as a home-cooked meal.

Just drive away to Tossed and let your taste buds experience the yummiest egg dishes ever! If you grab a Trimmed Bacon & Egg or a Sausage & Egg or an Egg, Roasted Tomatoes & Italian Cheese, all you have to spend is 1.95 pounds.

And please don’t worry about the calories because any of these dishes will give you about 300 calories which is exactly what you need for a healthy body. Tossed is famous for its Muscle Builder Salad, which fills up your tummy with egg, chicken breast, turkey, cheese, and many other veggies. This tasty meal will give you about 52 grams of protein and adds 500 calories.

Now you could get this anywhere, but you must head to Tossed if you want only the best. Why is it the best? I’ll let Vincent McKevitt answer this question. He is the founder of Tossed and has been proud of it ever since its establishment.

He says, “For us, quality is paramount. Therefore we source all our products very carefully. Dishes containing eggs are a popular choice with our breakfast and lunchtime guests, he continues, and we go through over 3,000 free-range hard-boiled eggs a month for our salads”.

If this does not convince you to step into Tossed, I have another reason to give. This amazing food spot has been honored with the Gold Egg Award developed by Compassion in World Farming, the leading animal welfare charity. They have come up with this to celebrate companies committed to freeing millions of hens from battery cages.

The good news is two more Tossed branches will be inaugurated this October in various parts of the UK, which include London’s Bankside SE1 by the Tate Modern, and at Bluewater in Kent.

With these two comings up, the UK will now have as many as ten Tossed branches to please its customers. Don’t make any plans for breakfast in the first week of October, and head straight to Tossed! For more on this, you could log on to Tosseduk.com or find them on @TwitterUK and Facebook.

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