Entrepreneurship knows no age!

The rich and the famous. Oh how much everyone either wants to be them, marry them, or be around them. In a world where no one respects the young and tries to demean them every opportunity they have, little kids from school have shown everyone to put their money where their mouth is.

Founders of Go Dimensions Sanjay and Shravan Kumaran and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg
Founders of Go Dimensions Sanjay and Shravan Kumaran and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Sanjay and Shravan Kumaran; you may guess should be playing cricket and chilling on Facebook. But the brothers aged 10 and 12 respectively have had more interesting things in mind. They have been working on their own mobile applications firm, Go Dimensions. Needless to say, they are the youngest CEOs in India.

It all started with the dad, who is in the field of IT himself. Kumaran Surendran is a director of an IT firm, and not only did he pass on the IT genes to his kids, but he also passed on the entrepreneurial skills too.

The Kumaran sons learned everything from their dad, he nurtured their curiosity in programming and within three years of teaching them, Sanjay and Shravan had mastered three languages Cobol, Basic, and Objective-C, and started to make their own mobile applications.

From then on it was about being focused and thrifty. Their applications have been downloaded over 10,000 times on the apple app store worldwide. The two maybe be kids but they know how to run a business for sure. During the Olympics they build applications that would interest the people, making the best use of the Olympic crazy fans all over the world.

The duo is interested in building applications for educational development by making it an interesting experience for students. They aim to bring accessibility and affordability to all their consumers. A great move, considering the fact that they are the closest to their student market being in school themselves.

The Chennai-based small wonders are all set to take over all cliches put forth about age, maturity, and responsibility. Making everyone notice the importance of respecting the young and letting them find their own regardless of their age, without unnecessary pressure.

Entrepreneurship is about spreading your wings and the younger you are the stronger willed you will be. With age and responsibility, and exposure to many ideologies, de-motivation is likely to hinder all your plans.

With the release of the movie the Social Network based on the true events of how social networking site Facebook was founded, all youngsters have found a ray of hope beyond the steady boring college life.

A spark of belief has been lit in the minds of young budding entrepreneurs all over the world. Mark Zuckerberg’s contribution to the world of young businessmen has been undoubtedly phenomenal. Becoming the youngest self-made billionaire is no joke.

It’s examples like these, of the Kumaran brothers and Zuckerberg that make it seem real to many more kids around the world, making them believe in the power of their ideas. At the same time causing ripples in the minds of countless adults who look at age as a restriction to the achievement of goals.

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