Exit Ruud van Nistelrooy ?

Manchester United Football club seems to be in a fix. First, rumours about Christiano Ronaldo’s switching clubs and now van Nistelrooy’s exit. For sure, the club’s prospects at the English premier league will be jolted with the departure of Ruud van Nistelrooy.

So, who is expected to fill in this ace striker’s bots who has been a prolific goal scorer for the club? Reports are floating around that Fernando Torres will fill in this international striker’s place in the squad. Torres, who plays for Athletico Madrid club, would be certainly looking forward to this opportunity and with such huge responsibility placed on his shoulders, a lot will be expected of him.

So, will van Nistelrooy’s exit dampen the Manchester United forward line? Will it be depleted even with the likes of Ronaldo and Torres?

Make a pick, post your comment..!

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