5 expensive choices you can make for our bedroom

Bedroom interior and spacing

Who does not want a luxurious bedroom? We all dream of that bedroom that looks as if it
belongs to the pages of some high-class decor magazine. It is really all about the details and you can get your dream room right now.

So here is a list of tips to help you achieve your desired look.

1. Lights:

Ditch the shabby and cheap ceiling lights and instead buy stylish hanging lights. Pendants, chandeliers, drum-shaped fixtures- whatever you prefer. But don’t go overboard with it of course. It should complement the rest of the furniture in your room and not look out of place.

The same goes for lampshades. Old, plain, faded boring lampshades don’t really bring out the aesthetics of your room. A rich shade or one with beautiful patterns is the definition of elegance. Or maybe even something with metallic shades.

But to keep the look expensive and classic, it is always advisable to not go for lampshades with faux flower rims or pompoms, which though can certainly be a lot of fun, don’t belong to a classic room.

2. Blankets:

Cheap, micro fleece blankets are great when it comes to cuddling in front of the television on your couch but does not do a lot to make your room look expensive. On the other hand, silk, velvet, velour, faux fur, or some fuzzy wool, bring out a completely new look. Maybe you’re the one for crazy patterns, but it is always advisable to stick to solid colors or animal prints, or subtle designs when you absolutely need patterns to give your bedroom that rich glow.

3. Headspace:

Headboards make everything better. It does not only add to the aesthetics but also is a very comfortable investment. And what better than a headboard with a classic velvet covering of solid colors? Go creative with your headboards.

Not only can you choose your favorite color and cover material, but also the shape. So next time you read your favorite bedtime story, all you need to do is buy the best mattresses online ( or retail) and have a nice comfortable headboard and you don’t only feel comfortable, but also luxurious.

4. Paintings:

Be it a gallery wall or just a couple of paintings over your beautiful headboard, art exudes elegance and thoughtfulness. A piece of art highlights the hard work you put into our decor. It stands out to visitors. But they need to be designed well.

Without just the right painting or paintings, your bedroom might look a bit much. And it’s not just the painting; you need to select frames that go together. You want a cohesive look and for that pick colors like black gold or silver or white to bring out the coordination. In fact, sometimes it does not even matter if the painting does not match the frames.

5. Hardware:

In case your furniture is past its heyday, it’s time to get rid of them. You need an expensive look to your bedroom; old furniture cannot bring out that look. Be it a sofa cum bed or drawer knobs, everything needs an elegant touch.

Everybody deserves their dream bedroom and with the right guide, yours just might be the one.

Image source: Freepik Premium

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