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Have you been worried about your kid’s unaided access to the internet? Are you thinking of ways to stop him/her? You don’t need to. Now there’s a protected environment created as your child takes baby steps in the harsh world of internet.

So here’s India’s first online ecosystem specially designed for kids between 6-12 years of age – worldoo.com! It entered the world of internet in April 2013 and managed to impress as many as 1,00,000 registered users within no time.

These happy users are a mix of children, parents and educators. What has made them so happy? There are many reasons, one of which is the availability of a space solely dedicated for kids where his/her preferences are balanced with the need of a parent, which is safety and filtration of content. Impressed? Wait, there’s more! worldoo.com has joined hands with Bollywood’s Shehenshah Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to give your child a safe and fun filled internet experience.

Speaking about the same Mr. Bachchan said “The internet space is constantly evolving and has proved to be an exciting tool of communication. Today, children are born with technology in the palm of their hands, immediately preferring tablets to teddy bears! In such a scenario, it is important for parents to embrace the role that Internet plays in their child’s life instead of shying away from it. They need to collaborate and communicate with their kids to welcome them to the online world.

The future is here. And in the same way that schools are an integral part of a child’s growth, the Internet will play a significant role in developing our next generation of children. The worldoo.com Let’s Build campaign is a great gift for the children of India, and I am glad to be a part of this initiative that aims to create a meaningful online environment for kids. Associating with the Worldoo.com team enables me to be a part of this great experience in pioneering the concept of responsible Internet for children.”

This should have cleared the doubts of all parents out there. If you are not sure yet, take a look at what Mr. Monish Ghatalia, Founder, worldoo.com has to say “We launched worldoo.com in April 2013 and received an overwhelming response from both children and parents alike, but it came with its own responsibilities as well. The feedback campaign is one step in this direction to now let our users decide what they would like to see in their favorite platform.

While the platform flourished the way it has, with a perfect balance of fun, games and education, we decided to take this love and appreciation received by worldoo.com a notch higher. It is great to have Mr. Bachchan supporting our initiative, and we surely hope that we can co-create the perfect responsible online eco-system along with the parents and kids of India.” This child friendly site comes with three sections for you and your child to explore – ‘Learn’, ‘Express’ and ‘Play’. So go on! Let your child explore without any doubt or fear in your mind.

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