Feevy, a new approach to Blogroll!

Feevy.com LogoFeevy.com starts up with an interesting approach to Blogroll for your site or blog.

A few days back I have just written an article/over view on WordPress blog roll management, WordPress Blogroll Plugins, widgets, articles!

And now here is the new service named Feevy which lets you to create a dynamic blog roll and place the same on your website or on your own blog (side bar).

Feevy says “display content from other blogs at your website with just one simple html tag”.

Here are the few steps to go ahead with:

  1. Create your account
  2. Submit blog url or RSS feed url
  3. Choose an avatar for the blog
  4. Once you are done with submitting your favorite blogs
  5. The system generates a Javascript code
  6. Choose the color/style which suits your blog or website
  7. Pick the code and install/place it wherever you need it
  8. That’s it you are done :)

In Short: You tell us your favorite blogs. We give you a personalized feevy tag. Just place the tag in your blog template and… bang! Your friends will appear in your blog! Feevy shows the latest posts from your favorite blogs in one column putting them in order according to the latest updates, which will appear on top.

Almost this is like an RSS Widget which displays not only the blog url with icon but also the latest post from that particular blog or RSS feed submitted. It not only displays the post as is but the placement of that post/article also depends on how fresh the post/article is. No matter what RSS Feed you submit.

What makes me to use Feevy?

  1. Use as many feevies as you like
  2. Replace static, boring blogrolls with dynamic conte nt and transform your blog into a web portal for your network of friends
  3. Build a vertical portal
  4. Setup a community of blogs
  5. Add to your feevy flickr tag results or Picasa Web Albums users (getting an updated thumbnail image of the last picture), your del.icio.us network last link or your twitter updates…

Right now, people may be using feevy to display your posts at their blogs. There are more than 3345 blogs and portals using feevy right now. And what is better, they are linking more than 11847 different sources. One of them could be your blog, your flickr or picasa pictures or your movies in jumpcut or google video.

Since the Feevy is in Javascript it won’t work in Social Communities like MySpace.com, snehaH.com etc. As of now seems that their target users is more on to website or blog owners.

This tool can be more popular, if they come up with some of the features listed below:

  1. A complete and Individual directory with Category wise list of sites/blogs
  2. A page similar to popurls.com with the directory/category structure
  3. A Widget Code – instead of Javascript, which can be used even in Social communities, etc.
  4. Option to choose number of feeds per blog
  5. Options to display either Title, Title & Description, etc
  6. To Display Category wise list of blogs
  7. Randomly displaying feature

And more…..


Bloggers or site owners or visitors just drop in your suggestions to make the services handy and will make sure that list of suggestions will be in notice of Feevy.com

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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