Ferena Wazeir to represent Bollywood at Cannes this year!

It will be hard for you to believe but I’m telling you nothing but the truth when I say Indian cinema has completed 100 glorious years! To mark this big occasion we have Ferena Wazeir representing the Indian film fraternity Bollywood at the Cannes.

Ferena Wazeir, a British Asian actress
Ferena Wazeir, a British Asian actress

Being the brand ambassador of the London Indian Film Festival Ferena has been chosen to represent the Indian Film Industry this year. I think it is important for the readers to know a little about this pretty lady before we can discuss further on this issue. This talented actress made a debut in her acting career with Raj Kunwar’s film Sadiyaan. Guess who were her co stars in this movie. You can’t even get close to guessing! It was none other than veteran actresses Rekha, Hema Malini and the heartthrob of his time Mr Rishi Kapoor! This was definitely the best debut for Ferena.

For those who don’t know much about the actress let me tell you that the actress has been described as beauty, innocence and vulnerability by Yash Chopra after Sadiyaan. It is not only her first film that has got applause but she recently featured in a well appreciated film titled Khaana. Khaana is an inspiration from the film of the well known director Satyajit Ray. This revolves around an orthodox Pakistani couple who live in London. The wife is shown as a pregnant woman who is pre occupied with food. The movie explores her changing relationship with her husband owing to the pre occupation as the story unfolds.

As the brand ambassador of the London Indian Film Festival Ferena gets the golden opportunity to get a glimpse of and also interact with some the big names of the Indian film industry like Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap and Imraan Khan who shot to fame after the much appreciated Life of a Pie. When the festival at Cannes comes to a close Ferena is scheduled to fly to Mumbai to finish some projects before she can head to London for the 4th annual London Indian film festival starting from the 18th of July and ending on the 25th of that month. So watch out for more interesting news on this issue.

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