FIFA World Cup – Which side are you on?

FIFA world cup - football

The fever is back again! No I’m not unwell. I’m talking about the fever of the FIFA cup. It’s time again to cheer your favorite team with enthusiasm and watch the gods of football play their best game.

Starting from the 12th of June this year’s FIFA is already in news to update its fans about its present status. This year Brazil will be seen playing the host to the world’s favorite event in 12 of its cities. The extra ordinary performance of football stars will continue until the final match to be held on the 13th of July this year. Let me refresh your memory a bit. Brazil is playing the host for the second time now. Earlier on FIFA World Cup 1950 was also hosted by Brazil. The country has now got the opportunity to host the 20th FIFA World Cup.

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Starting on the 12th only one match has been played till now. National teams of 31 countries across the globe have been able to penetrate through the qualifying competitions being held since 2011. The first match was played between the host nation and Croatia at Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo. Not being able to save the first goal by Marcelo was a disappointment for Brazil but Neymar levelled it up with a refreshing goal making a 3-1 win against Croatia. It was definitely a great start of this year’s FIFA World Cup and we are yet to see the excitement that awaits the FIFA fans in the days to come.

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