FightMe – An app that can make you popular!

Soon time will come when your phone will say FightMe! Don’t you want to know when? It will be that moment you download an app with the same name. This app is the first of its kind because it allows the users to showcase their talent and let the world know about their hidden abilities.

FightMe - Social Video Network
FightMe – Social Video Network

Truly this is an era where you don’t need a stage to give a splendid performance! This unique app came before the world recently in June and its specialty is that it allows you to create any video for a period of 30 seconds before it spreads like wild fire to make you popular.

Here the short cut to popularity is that you must get the most Applause on their video and for this you need to create bespoke hashtags. Now you could ask me what are hashtags and how they are important. I would simply call them your platform for popularity but if you want to know its official description it is a giant leaderboard for the whole world to join in. Here you will compete with many other talented people and see where you stand in the competition. Now let’s take you back to the birth of the FightMe iPhone app. In 2011 Jamie Lorenz felt a strong desire to create a platform that encourages friendly competition, allowing creative individuals the chance to improve their talents by competing against others. So he along with his childhood friend Joelle Hadfield worked day and night and their hard work gave birth to what we can call a very creative app.

Let’s hear the story from the creators themselves. “This is a huge milestone in FightMe’s short history,” said Joelle Hadfield, CEO and Co-Founder. “Since launching to private beta in June 2013 we have worked hard to release the FightMe app, to take the experience of using FightMe to a different level. We’ve listened to what our beta users wanted and have used this to help better our understanding of how creative and talented people are now using the web to promote themselves, have fun and share with their networks. With the release of the FightMe app and launching the site into public beta, we have built a platform to take creativity to a whole new level where users can easily record, share their talents and opinions and gain immediate feedback at the touch of a button anywhere on the planet.” When Jamie Lorenz was asked to say a few words describing his creation he said “FightMe is a platform for expression using the backdrop of friendly competition to create purpose and communities. We are not about meaningless video, we leave that for the other video networks”.

While this is their opinion about the app, you are free to form your own but only after taking a thorough look at an app that is waiting to make you a star! So clear your throat or grab your canvas and show the world the unseen talent in you. Meanwhile don’t forget to tell me how well it worked for you.

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