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Won’t it be great if you could know every single detail about all your friends regarding their present likes and dislikes, their favorite movies, books and so on? But unfortunately today’s busy lifestyles do not provide us with an opportunity to do so. Hence social networking sites! Although Twitter and Facebook have gained immense popularity since their birth users have found them to be excessively generalized and have often had to make an effort to get the information they are interested in.

UTopic - The Hottest Topics Among Friends
UTopic - The Hottest Topics Among Friends

Well people I’m sure you’ll be both glad and surprised to find that there’s finally a solution to this problem of ours. Fortunately there are some wonderful people who have come up with an unusual idea in the form of their website. is one such site which allows you to get all the information you need about all the people who matter to you. At Utopic you can get to know about the links, videos, movies and events shared by your friends in the social networking communities like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more. I know what’s on your mind right now! What makes it different from other sites is what you want to know….. Correct? I have answers to all your questions. As stated earlier Facebook and other sites have a large number of posts consuming a lot of our time when we try to look for the things that interest us. Utopic deals with this problem and takes us directly to what we need with minimal effort on our part.

It also provides us with an unusual photo sharing facility where we can share large pictures instead of the usual small ones. This makes us wonder how much we have been missing all the while. Doesn’t it? Users of Utopic will not have to restrict themselves to their desktops or laptops. It makes itself available even on iPhones and iPads. Considering the recent birth of Utopic there are many developments that are required to take place to make it user friendly. Presently its makers are working on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube to get information of its users and their friends but it won’t be long before they include Flickr into this wonderful site. As they try to work this out we can only wait to see something different and interesting, away from the regular things we are used to and wish them ALL THE BEST!

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