Finding Your Smartphone Soulmate

How to find best smartphone

Finding the right smartphone is like finding your soul mate. Once you meet him or her, you’re joined at the hip. Just like finding a partner with the right mix of brains and body, there are many things to consider when searching for the right phone. Buyers must decide what features, size, speed, and other factors they must have.

There are so many options, features, and price ranges you have to do an old-fashioned pro-vs.-con list on a piece of paper to decide which one suits your lifestyle best.

Start with a screen size

Smartphone screens range from less than 4 inches to more than 6 inches. Smaller screens are tougher to crack, and phones are more portable. But larger screens provide better displays for video and Web browsing. Determine the screen size you want, then identify other features like price, talk time, rear camera quality, and consumer ratings that meet your needs.

T-Mobile’s website will help customers identify the best phone-based on screen size and other factors. Depending on the package, phones like the Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 5s have zero upfront costs.

Judging functionality

Explore phones at stores in person. There’s no better substitute to find the right feel and features. Many new devices come onto the market; it’s nearly impossible to be exposed to them all. But visiting multiple local stores enables you to feel each one and discuss costs with a representative. Think about the typical tasks you use your phone for, then practice them on new devices in the store.

Laptop Mag suggests exploring the right operating system should be the No. 1 issue for smartphone buyers. Are you an iPhone person? Are you an Android person? Do you even know for certain? Shopping around and trying devices out will help you understand who you are.

HTC, Samsung among top new phones says the HTC One is the best smartphone for 2014. The device, overshadowed by more popular Apple and Android devices, runs on the Droid OS. In Techradar’s opinion, the display, speed, look and feel provide the best blend of new phone factors.

The Samsung Galaxy S is also fetching top reviews. Techradar says that the 5.1-inch phone has a great feel for its size, with a powerful battery and operating system speed to carry serious users for the next year or two.

Ultimately, it would help if you decided what features and functions are most important to you. It’s no longer just about texting or using the phone. Our entire lives are on our phones, so taking the time to make your wish list will serve you well.

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