First update for Dragons’ Den The Official Game on Apple devices

2WayTraffic, a global leader in the development, distribution and brand management of light entertainment, and DR Studios, an independent developer specializing in simulation entertainment experiences, have today released the first update for Dragons’ Den The Official Game, based on the hit reality TV show Dragons’ Den across Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

Dragons' Den the official App for iPhone and iPad
Dragons’ Den the official App for iPhone and iPad

This game has been released on any mobile platform, you play as one of five virtual Dragons all with different skill sets, with each player being pitched five different products or services from aspiring computer controlled entrepreneurs. These are all based on real-life products or inventions, so players must decide whether or not to invest. Their aim is to choose a ‘Goldmine’ investment and avoid the ‘Flops’ with the overall goal to be the Dragon with the most profit after three rounds of investment.

Dragons’ Den The Official Game also features a multiplayer mode for up to five players. Each player takes turns to decide the investment while the computer AI randomly chooses the order of the Dragons. Each Dragon will then be prompted to take their turn deciding if they want to invest or not.

Addressing directly the feedback received from players of Dragons’ Den The Official Game since its release, the update increases the length of each game from three inventions per round to five which not only adds an additional layer of strategy, but also more accurately reflects the average number of inventions featured in each episode of the television show. Also implemented in the update is a ‘Retire or Continue’ button at the end of every round, thus allowing gamers continuous play.

Dragons’ Den The Official Game is available internationally in the Apple App Store priced at $1.99/€1.99/£1.79 on iPhone and iPod Touch, and $2.99/€2.99/£2.79 on iPad.

For more on Dragons’ Den The Official Game the game visit the official website at Or follow them on twitter at Or visit the Facebook page.

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