Flex-Card, sleek and chic universal storage device

Sometimes it’s hilarious how a device so useful took so much time to come into being. People own more than one phone/device, and mostly it’s of different operating systems. There is undoubtedly the necessity to have a product to sync file together, share them or even store them. The Power company introduces their fourth ever product the Flex-Card to the world. It’s the most practical thing you can think of.

Let’s break it down shall we?

The Flex-Card was created to solve the issues of sharing files between different operating systems without connecting to a cloud based system, hence removing the need for internet connectivity. It is the first storage device of its kind, and isn’t restricted to only mobile phones but also helps with computer devices. The product was released earlier last month on Indiegogo. If you are someone who especially has issues with finding good internet connectivity on the go, this is a fabulous product. The Flex-Card has no boundaries with regards to its practicality but zero dependency on a cloud system helps tremendously. Gene Aikens, Flex-Card Designer was quoted explaining “With all the problems people have experienced with the Cloud and browser based storage, the Flex-Card should make technology users feel more secure by not utilizing an Internet connection.”

The Power Company: FLEX-CARD: Universal Storage for Your Phone, Computer

The Flex-Card is designed with function in mind, it is small in size, and can fit into your wallet easily. It removes the need to carry cables around, as it has two flexible cables (3.0 USB and a micro connector) as well as connectors that can attach to the chosen device. These attachments are a Lightning 8-pin connector (iPhone 5 and newer), 30-pin (iPhone / iPad older generations), and the newly released USB-C. Being a storage device it gives you space of 256GB!

Apart from the main features mentioned above there are other great features to this tiny product. Users can stream audio and video files directly from the Flex-Card to their mobile device, or even store them in the card. As it runs on 3.0 speed, it helps speed the transfer process from various devices. Encryption options allows users to add password security when storing personal data, basic file management procedures can be followed (Copy / Cut / Paste / Delete / Rename & Create Folders), all audio visual files can be backed up from your MAC or PC. You can also charge any Apple, Android, or Windows Mobile device 100% directly from your computer without a charging cable. There’s no need to carry additional wires, or cables, as the device comes with its own, and they fix into it beautifully.

The Power Company is focused on producing smart electronics, and they know their game. They have previously introduced their wallet size Android and iOS charger the Smart Card which was a hit. Their progressive thinking and practicality help them bring out such amazing products. According to the company, The Flex-Card is seeking to raise $3,000 on Indiegogo to start production of the factory molds. In addition to their main goal, they have a second goal of raising $50,000 to start their first manufacturing run. In addition, they have stretch goals for different colors, clip-on attachments, and new app development. Their Indiegogo specials range from $65 all the way up to $345 for their 256GB model.

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