Fly Or Die: Form 1 3D Printer brings your pictures to life!

Fly Or Die: Form 1 3D Printer – Today I’m going to show you some magic. The tricks are not mine but are an inherent part of The Form 1 3D Printer. So what’s the magic?

The trick is that it can make your pictures come alive! This it does with its unique technology of Stereolithography (SL) that approaches the highest resolution available in 3D printing resulting in plastic extrusion performance. Its great sense of design and solid engineering gives rise to a simplified but very effective printing process. See the demo for yourself and I’m sure you cant resist the temptation to bring one home!

[grabpress_video guid=c69471fcc2cfbfaebed572711a6498a2ab014f87 embed_id=2004437]

Let me now explain to you the trick behind this magic. In this photopolymer-based process, a high precision system directs a laser across a tray of liquid resin and causes a thin layer to solidify. The build platform then rises in preparation for the next layer. After thousands of repetitions, your part is complete with exquisite detail. The Form 1 3D Printer is probably the only magician in the world who is desperate to reveal its trick to the audience. So take advantage of this and bring the magic home. Don’t forget to tell us how pleased you are with it, right here at Wittysparks!

More information on The Form 1 3D Printer can be found at Formlabs

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