Foodpanda makes sure you’re not hungry

We have the internet shopping take a new route in India. Companies are starting to finally realize that we just don’t want fashion items, and electronics delivered to us, we need food delivered hassle free. is one such website that looks to solve your food delivery issues. They make it simple through their step-by-step process of searching and ordering.

Foodpanda - Order delicious food online now in India
Foodpanda – Order delicious food online now in India

The idea is fabulous; the website serves to major cities of the country like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. The co-founder Amit Kohli was quoted speaking about the rapid expansion of Foodpandasto different cities; “We are quite excited about our entry in 3 new cities, covering Kolkata and Ahmedabad till mid-August and Chennai by early September. This expansion is part of our strategy to significantly increase our footprint across the country. With this move, customers from these regions will also be able to avail our services.”

The company founded in 2012 is still green in age, but has expanded tremendously over the past one year. They have a vast spread of cuisines to choose from, some of their most popular restaurants are Yo China, Pizza Hut, Chicago Pizza, Subway, Eatsome etc. Co-founder Rohit Chadda shared that the company is very focused in expanding not only into different cities but also increasing the restaurant choices on their website. He was quoted saying; “We are expecting a 30-35% increase in our growth rate with the expansion to the three new cities and are targeting expanding our network to include top 15 cities with a restaurant coverage to 5000 restaurants by the end of the year. So besides reaching out to a wider audience, we also aim to cater to their voracious appetite by providing an extensive variety of cuisines to choose from when ordering out.”

Amit Kohli says order food online now in India from Foodpanda
Amit Kohli says order food online now in India from Foodpanda

They also have Apps for Android and iOS users, wise decision as Apps are necessary for quick usage and company profit! One of the fantastic things is the website functions from 11am to 11pm isn’t that cool.

Let’s explore the website and its procedure. The process is divided into 4 steps. Giving your location, selecting a restaurant or more, delivery of the food at your door step, and finally the payment; all of this is pretty easily explained on the landing page of the website. However I got stuck on the first step! After entering the city (Hyderabad) and the location the website keeps commanding for a location making it pretty difficult to move forward and explore the website. So I resorted to having a live chat and that helped, the website was having some technical difficulty which they’re working on, said the service rept. Good service I must say!

The FAQ section is pretty good they have really good questions answered there and are pretty clear with how things work. Their Facebook has over 100K+ likes, so surely they have fans. The website has a clean look, no pop up craziness of any offers, everything is systematic, and one of the things I really appreciated was the humor in titling their over the top deals as “Besharamdeals’. The deals are great for those looking to explore new restaurants. On the whole, this website was a need in our cities, without a doubt!

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