Futuro Cube – The new fun gaming device!

We have to face it, as much as we like playing games on our cell phone, the gaming aspect is not met until you’re exclusively using a gaming device. The Futuro Cube is the a tech invention that will change your portable gaming fun. Highly sensitive to touch, and colorful, this cube is a must have for those who love to play games.

Futuro Cude Game
Futuro Cude Game

A creation by Princip Interactive the Futuro Cube is one that may look like childs play, but is actually the opposite. This product has been designed to keep your brain stimulated and up your physical activity, by all the tapping and movements needed for the games. The games are spread over all six sides of the cube, and it provides new levels of difficulty to its already pre-loaded games, puzzles, brain teasers etc. The console does take time to get used to and understand, as it is a new invention, however once you’ve understood it your gaming experience will be elevated to the next level.

There are games like Gomoku, Cubris (similar to tetris), Snake, etc. All of these have been revamped to create excitement. A new game called the Gravity Puzzle akin to the Rubiks game is also available on the cube. Not only can all these games be played solo they can also be teamed with multiple players.

Futuro cube:

Coming to the tech specs the brain of the Futuro Cube is a Cortex M3 ARM-based processor supported by 128 MB of on-board NAND Flash memory. The device runs on a 1 Ah Li-Pol battery supports hours of continuous play, with recharging taking some 2.5 hours over micro USB (also used for firmware upgrades and resources upload via Windows/Mac computer). A 2.4 GHz proprietary wireless radio link caters for multi-player fun with other Futuro Cube players up to five meters (16 ft) apart. The device also gives out 16-bit/22 kHz audio through its speaker sporting a double output sound canal, which is helped along by a 1 W class-D amplifier and Inter-IC Sound (I2S) digital output.

The Futuro Cube is available for $99.99, an investment for those who really like good games and time pass without wearing down the battery of their smartphones and tablets.

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