Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai with images – 2010

As Ganesh Chaturthi set in, Mumbaikars and devotees around the country and world welcomed their beloved God, Lord Ganesha, the elephant-faced God to come home and rid them of all maladies during the 11 days. In September, the city of Mumbai saw several large life-size Ganesha effigies being installed in different mandals across the city.

Lord Ganesha - Ganesh Chaturthi Indian Festival
Lord Ganesha – Ganesh Chaturthi Indian Festival

Not only different localities but co-operative housing societies in each area too place the edifice of Lord Ganesha within their premises and worship for prosperity and well-being. The effigies are installed in each Mandal with great fervor, pomp, and show. People carry the effigy amidst the foot-tapping rhythmic beating of drums, splashing dry color, and celebrating every moment with unmatched intensity!

Some mandals such as LalBaugcha Raja, Ganesh Galli , GSB, and others alike in Mumbai city are famous for their effigies as they have a legacy and lineage which have been carried forward over the years while other mandals are visited to witness the novelty of effigies. We at Wittysparks have covered a few famous mandals to give you a glimpse of this unique spectacle which Mumbaikaars call Ganesh Chaturthi which has loads of reverence, faith, devotion, and affection for their favorite God Ganesha.

The effigy of GSB mandal is covered with gold which makes it one of the richest mandals in the city. From the ears, feet, crown to the modak, it is made of pure gold which makes it a must-watch!

The Tilak Nagar Mandal was designed on the lines of a South Indian temple with the deity of Lord Ganesha sitting majestically inside the temple. Lord Ganesha edifice is seated majestically, dressed in red with an illuminated turban which makes it striking indeed! The courtyard of the temple is decorated with bright floral patterns making the entire ambiance unique in itself.

At the Matunga Station Mandal, Lord Ganesha has a South Indian semblance. The edifice is draped in red dhoti with sacred ash smeared on the forehead in three distinct stripes. The Lord is covered with thick garlands of flowers offered by devotees who throng in large numbers in the evening to get the almighty’s blessings.

Apart from this Mandal, there are several other mandals like Nallis Silk Mandal which has a cream-faced Lord Ganesha effigy (although smaller in size) but equally majestically dressed in spotless white dhoti with three stripes of sacred ash smeared on the forehead! Another tall Lord Ganesha in Matunga is the Pramanik Matunga Mandal which has a tall Ganesha effigy seated in the Mandal to bless the devotees.

Talking of tall, the Ganesha effigy of Ganesh Galli was the tallest among the lot. The approach to the Lord has been built like a Mysore Temple with the Nandi Bull right in front of the temple. One could see the height of the deity after entering the premises and the very sight of the towering Ganesha with three hands left devotees and visitors amazed and spellbound with awe.

A similar life-size Ganesha edifice could be seen at the Duke’s Mandal in Chembur where the edifice is seated on a green throne with a golden crown giving it an air of command and control!.

Countless edifices of Lord Ganesha are strewn across the city imparting a sense of sanctity to the environs. The Lord would be worshiped for 11 to 13 days following which the edifices would be carried with the same fervor by devotees who would shout chants of Ganapati Bappa Moraya and immerse their deities in the sea. Thus would begin another long wait of one year for the devotees and Mumbaikars when they welcome their Lord next year!

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