GE to replace 100-watt Incandescent with LED Bulb

LED’s are known to reduce our electricity bills. But we cant have it all over our house, can we? Think again! It is the 21st century and everything can be made possible. The same is applicable to LEDs not only for your TV but also for your bulbs. General Electric is coming up with a 27 watt A – 19 bulb that’ll replace the traditional ones in your house. Recently news of similar developments by Philips came to focus and now it’s the GE.

GE's Remarkable Achievement - Replacement of 100 Watt Incandescent with LED Bulb
GE's Remarkable Achievement - Replacement of 100 Watt Incandescent with LED Bulb

This exiting news was revealed to the in Las Vegas on the world’s largest light trade show. It will come with GE’S synthetic jet technology that is developed along with Nuventix company.

You may ask why should we adopt an LED bulb at all. I will just say that you will find out as you read further.

Lowe’s & GE Approach Energy Saving Light Bulb Legislation:

Firstly and most importantly it promises to last up to 22.8 years if the usage does not extend beyond 3 hours per day. It is all set to enter the Canadian market in the initial months of 2013. Adding to its credit are additional features like its capacity of more than 1600 lumens, uniform omnidirectional light distribution and 3000K color temperature. The price of this unique device has not been decided as of yet. Now isn’t that just unimaginable? Something that we always wanted is going to be available to us from next year. It is a great deal of reduction in price without compromise with the quality. So its time you say goodbye to the age old 100 watt bulbs in your house.

“Our innovation team has tackled a previously insurmountable technical challenge: cooling a 100-watt A-19 shaped replacement LED bulb without making it physically bigger,” says Steve Briggs, general manager of LED systems, GE Lighting.

What do you say?

Image: GE Plans World Debut of LED Bulb that Replaces 100-watt Incandescent

Source: GE to launch 100-watt equivalent LED replacement bulb

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