GEKKO will make transferring a hot dish to the table an easy task!

The last time you had friends over for dinner; did you have to a lot of trouble making sure you brought the trivet each time you served a steaming dish?

It is something we all take care of because we don’t want the heat from a dish to spoil a beautiful table cloth or fine table that we have. What if I tell you that you don’t have to carry the trivet each time? What if it comes along all by itself? It’s not impossible!

Jesper Falck Legaard has made it possible by creating a trivet that sticks to the dish while you carry your steaming hot dish from dish from the kitchen to the dining place. He calls it GEKKO. The term is a Danish one which translates to mean Gecko. You might have guessed that it is inspired by the reptile. The reptile is not only an inspiration for the name of this useful device, but also for its design.

Let me describe it for you. GEKKO has an inner, small trivet with a shape that is inspired by the foot of the gecko, and an outer, large trivet. How colorful is it? This has also been kept in mind. GEKKO comes in combination of a verity of colors [check out the pictures]. So now you can choose what you like best. Now that I have described to you, the appearance of GEKKO, let us try to understand how it works.

There are three layers of polyester and magnet that keep the trivet and the dish together. This need is fulfilled only on one condition that only if the pan works for induction stoves, the trivet can stick to it. If you are not putting GEKKO to use it happily sticks to the surface of your refrigerator. GEKKO not only comes in multiple colors but it’s also available in various sizes. The large trivet for example is 18cm x 18cm x 0,9cm and fits cookware from 18 to 30cm in diameter. The small one on the other hand measures 14cm x 14cm x 0,9cm and fits cookware from 12 to 20cm in diameter.

To keep your GEKKO clean, all you need is a moist cloth. The maker is confidently presenting you this product only after putting it to a thorough test. And guess what! GEKKO has passed with distinction to be certified as very durable. If you need proof, GEKKO handle the heat of pizza stone coming directly from a 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit) hot oven proving to the world that it is the best in the market. Did you like GEKKO? If you just said yes then it’s time to spread the word among your friends and wait to own it.

Published by Kruti Beesam

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