General elections in India – Some interesting things!

India, the world’s largest democracy goes to polls in a few months time. Among the many things that unfolds, (such as fate of the ruling government), the election process has a certain sense of ‘hectic’ activity and energy around it. Like a tornado, it has certain characteristic things that come along with it, which make it an event to watch out for!

Elections In India - Its Different
Elections In India - Its Different

Some of these interesting developments that one would notice as a part of the general elections in India include:

Massive rallies:
A rally is of great significance to a political party and most political parties hold rallies to exhibit their strength and they are an event by themselves to say the least! On the day of the rally( or the preceding day), there is a mass exodus of people from neighboring towns and districts. Mobilizing such a large number of people is a challenge for the part organizing the rally and generally it is met with countless fleet of trucks, buses, jeeps and vans. All possible sources of conveyance are tapped to make sure that the ‘possible’ supporters of the concerned political party ‘reach’ the place of event on time.

Security is another noticeable aspect that gets a spotlight. The cops and security agencies go on high alert in the cities or towns where the rallies are arranged. Barricades, traffic jams, de-tours, vehicle checks are usual around the time such an event whereas similar security measures are adopted at the place of a rally.

Usually a large ground which accommodates an ‘ocean’ of supporters is chosen to hold the rally. Numerous giant speakers are placed in different parts of the ground to convey the message of the leader.

On many occasions, for a person participating in a rally from some other town or village, it provides him an opportunity to earn some benefaction from the political party such as cash or free food. Several leaders in the past have held rallies with huge turnouts such as Congress Leader Ms.Sonia Gandhi, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Ms. Mayawati and others.

Handheld Loudspeakers as well as those mounted on jeeps is one way of the many ways a party campaigns during election time. Rhyming phrases informing the public about a particular candidate are read out aloud on the hand held loudspeakers.

Colorful posters are pasted on the walls which carry details about a candidate’s party, his voting symbol and if space permits some of his promises or political achievement! Several such posters are stuck on the walls of houses, offices bus stands, railway stations; in general every possible structure having a wall!

Television commercials:
With Television reaching households in the farthest of towns, cities and villages, it has also been tapped slowly by political parties. A mode for mass communication, it has been used off late by parties who have come up with a string of messages which brings out their achievement in a succinct way! An effective way to reach the masses but it also runs the risk of backfiring on many occasions (if it assumes the form of a propaganda)!!

With changing times, new and innovative means of campaigning during elections are coming around. With technology percolating to rural parts, there might be some more facets added to campaigning during elections. We at Wittysparks shall try capture the mood of the voters and the camping scene as the country approaches the General Election in 2009. So keep watching this space for more action.

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