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The human mind is unique. There is nothing like it. But fortunately or unfortunately, it has its limitations. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Forgetfulness! This is one thing that all of us have experienced at one point or the other.

So what happens when you forget to make some critical payments? Have you ever missed paying a traffic challan? I’m sure you are smiling at yourself. All of us have been in this situation. Can we avoid it? Let’s find out how! Vamsi Vepakomma says we can do so.

It simply reminds you to pay your due when an e challan is issued to you. Unlike your memory, it does not leave your side until you have paid what you had to. So what made Vamsi come up with this unique idea? Let’s hear it from the man himself! His own experience on a particular day led him and his team to create Challan Alert.

While driving to my friend’s bachelor party, traffic police stopped my car in a routine check. I thought it was going to be smooth as I’ve all the required documents in the car, but sadly the police officer informed me that I had a pending traffic challan to be paid, I was like pending challan??? really??? when??? where??? and you can imagine what happened next.

It’s an e-challan I received long back for violation of stop line at the signal lights. It’s not that I forgot to pay it, but I’m entirely unaware of the e-challan they sent me via mail (Post Mail).

I can guess what you might be thinking now; do I have a pending challan????? There is a website where you can check (for all the major cities & towns), but how often do you need to check?? and what if a police officer stopped you in the meantime??

It’s a sad story, but I wished someone sent me an SMS or a push notification as soon as I got the challan and found none doing it.

So, I want to create a simple service that notifies me via email or SMS as soon as I receive a traffic e-challan, and with just a tap of single button/SMS, I can pay that F*king challan.

Now Vamsi’s story was different, but we could have so many things preventing us from paying our dues. It could also be the long queues that all of us dread or the change of address which we often forget to change in the required places. The lazy man in all of us usually pulls us back from such things.

With Challan Alert, your problem is permanently solved, whatever your reason may be. It is best to have Challan Alert if you don’t want to be late at your destination the next time you are on the road. Do pay attention to my suggestion!

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